What Is Child Inclusive Mediation?

Mediation is a process where you and the other parent meet in a safe and controlled environment. With the assistance of your mediator Nardine, you and the other parents will try to reach agreement as to the best parenting arrangements for your children.

Child Inclusive mediation is an additional step to a mediation and as the name suggests, the process includes your child who is after all the most important person in the discussion.

Your child meets with Susan who will assist your child to tell their story of the separation in a safe, and supportive environment.

Susan then uses your child’s story, to give you positive and useful ideas to guide your further discussion about what is the best arrangements for your child. Nardine and Susan will go on to mediate with you with the best outcome for your child being the absolute focus of the discussions.

Child Inclusive mediation gives your child a voice ensuring that the decisions you and the other parent makes are what is best for your child.

Drawing upon our extensive experience in family law matters we will guide you and assist you to come up with practical solutions to your parenting dispute.

Child Inclusive Mediation at North Queensland Family Mediation

At North Queensland Family Mediation, we prioritise the emotional well-being and voices of children through our Child Inclusive Mediation services. This specialised approach to mediation ensures that children’s perspectives and needs are considered in family disputes, particularly in cases of separation and divorce. Our focus is on creating a supportive environment that fosters open communication and understanding, enabling families to reach agreements that truly reflect the best interests of the children involved.

Understanding Child Inclusive Mediation

Child Inclusive Mediation involves the inclusion of children’s views and feelings in the mediation process, allowing parents to make informed decisions with a deeper understanding of their children’s needs and wishes. This approach is grounded in the belief that children, when appropriately supported and consulted, can contribute meaningfully to decisions that affect their lives.

Our Process

Our trained mediators are skilled in engaging with children in age-appropriate ways, ensuring they feel safe and heard. The process includes:

  • Initial Assessment: We conduct an initial assessment to determine the suitability of child inclusive mediation for your family situation.
  • Child Consultation: A specially trained mediator meets with the child to listen to their views and feelings about the situation, always ensuring this is done in a way that is comfortable and safe for the child.
  • Feedback to Parents: The mediator then provides feedback to the parents, incorporating the child’s perspective into the mediation discussions, ensuring that decisions are made with the child’s best interests at heart.

Benefits of Child Inclusive Mediation

  • Promotes Child Well-Being: This approach ensures that children’s emotional needs are considered, helping to minimise the stress and impact of family disputes on them.
  • Informed Decision-Making: By understanding the child’s perspective, parents can make more informed decisions that truly reflect the best interests of their children.
  • Strengthens Relationships: Facilitating a process where children feel heard can strengthen the parent-child relationship and improve family dynamics post-dispute.
  • Encourages Positive Outcomes: Decisions reached with the child’s input are more likely to be sustainable and positively received by all parties involve.

Our Commitment

At North Queensland Family Mediation, we are committed to providing a respectful and caring environment for your family. We understand the delicate nature of involving children in mediation and take every precaution to ensure their safety, comfort, and well-being throughout the process. Our mediators are not only experts in family law but also in child psychology, ensuring that your children’s voices are heard and valued.

Get Started with a Free Consultation

We offer a free consultation to discuss how Child Inclusive Mediation can benefit your family. This initial conversation allows us to understand your unique situation and explain how our services can support your family’s needs. Contact North Queensland Family Mediation today to learn more about our Child Inclusive Mediation services and how we can assist your family in reaching a peaceful resolution that prioritises the well-being of your children.