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Welcome to North Queensland Family Mediation, the leading destination for child inclusive mediation and family law mediation services in North Queensland, Australia. Founded by the esteemed Nardine Collier, our firm is deeply rooted in the communities of Cairns and Townsville, offering unparalleled support and guidance to families navigating the complexities of separation, divorce, and other family disputes.

At North Queensland Family Mediation, we understand that every family’s situation is unique. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing personalised, empathetic mediation services that prioritise the well-being of children and strive for amicable resolutions.

Our experienced mediators facilitate open, respectful conversations, helping all parties find common ground and work towards mutually beneficial agreements. With North Queensland Family Mediation, you can trust that you’re in compassionate and capable hands, as we guide you towards a peaceful and positive future for your family.


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